Ready to Make Chai Mix: Pi's Infinitely Delicious!

Pi Chai…it’s Infinitely Delicious!  We are so excited to have been chosen to partner with Jennifer Lopez owner and founder of Swallowtail Foods.  Jennifer has spent countless hours developing and perfecting her amazing chai latte mixes.  She has meticulously sourced the perfect ingredients from local suppliers and from abroad to bring you a convenient, ready-to-make, delicious chai.

You absolutely must taste Pi Chai.  My favorite is the Original.  This exotic drink, with all the warm spice aromas, will provoke your senses to images of ancient lands, temples, jewels, and bazaars.  It’s a cozy drink, relaxing, therapy in a mug.

It is Jennifer’s love for chai, and her creative passion that have come together to produce mixes that are truly delicious, outstanding in quality, and offer remarkable simplicity.   Pi Chai is offered in three flavors; Original, Java, and Chocolate for home, office, and food and beverage establishments.  To find out more about Pi Chai, visit the website:

Thank you, Swallowtail Foods!  We are excited to be on this adventure with you!

Blending Pi-Chai!






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