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Uncle Bemis Sausage, Jerky, and Game Seasonings

November 5th, 2018 by Kristie Cotter

Big game season is in full swing in Colorado.  The mountains finally have seen colder weather and snow which is helping the elk and deer hunters. If you need assistance planning your hunt this year, check out the Colorado Hunting Atlas.  This is a great virtual scouting tool sponsored by The Colorado Parks and Wildlife and can be found at .  It even offers the opportunity to purchase your hunting license online.  How cool is that?

Word has it that the season is going well across the nation as well, which means the freezer will be full for the winter.  So, whether you are processing the game yourself or having a processor do it, Uncle Bemis® Sausage Seasonings are the seasonings of choice for both the home enthusiast and the commercial processor.

We received pictures from Billy in Mississippi showcasing the boar he bagged a few weeks ago.   Wow - that’s a nice boar! A home processor, Billy dressed the board, saving back straps, some roasts, etc., then ground up the balance and made sausage using Uncle Bemis® Maple Sausage Seasoning.  He was raving about how great his sausage turned out using the seasoning from the Uncle Bemis® line up. He said they grilled the sausage and have been eating it for snacks, with eggs, with pancakes, and for lunch, but mostly snacking on it throughout the day.  He said it was so good he couldn’t stop eating it!!

Great job, Billy!  Thanks for sharing the pictures - but sharing some sausage would have been nice too! ; )

So Hunters...we’d love to see the pictures of what you bag and the Uncle Bemis sausage you are making.  If you would like to share tips and recipes feel free to do so. Send your information with your pics to

Happy Hunting!!